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I preach it all the time, but please remember, "CERTIFIED" doesn't mean "QUALIFIED"Please do your research on who you hire for your nutrition and exercise needs.  With so many options available these days, be it in person or via social media, there are thousands of "prep coaches" and "online trainers" who boast quick, amazing results for all of their clients.  While some coaches are very knowledgeable and dependable, there are others who are simply out to make a quick buck.  I feel what sets me apart from those cookie cutter trainers is the fact that I have used my own personal experiences to drive my successes in that of myself and each and every client.  I would never have a client do what I haven't already done through my own research, application and preparation.  And through my years of experience in various trial and error scenarios on myself, I have been able to develop unique, key variables to ensure my clients get 100% out of what they put in.  Remember, I have been through every physique possible!  Mesomorph, Endomorph, Ectomorph, with varying levels of BMI, body fat, weight and metabolism efficiency.

  I have experience in working with people young and old.  From NPC competitors (who not just place, but WIN their shows) looking to take their physique to the next level, to average Joe's and mothers who just want to live a healthier lifestyle.  Have you already tried a personal trainer?  Fed up with the cookie cutter programs commercial gyms offer for $60+ per hour!?  Does your trainer "walk the walk", or merely stand around drinking coffee telling you what to do?  Do they have a success with their clients? With themselves? Have they lived through the struggles you have, or did they just pass an online test?  NEVER leave something as important as your health to chance!  If you are considering hiring a personal trainer, weight loss specialist or looking for guidance to get you started in the right direction, you should follow these simple rules:

1. Ask for their experience, both personal and professional.

2. Ask for references.  Quality trainers and WLS coaches should be upfront with their potential clients in all facets of their programs.

3.  Ask 1,000,000 questions.  All of my clients will tell you, I start each client conversation the same... "Ask me anything, and then go ask the next trainer the same thing.  Compare answers, evaluate, and have each of us explain, in detail, the answers to your questions".

4.  Find the right match for you.  Undergoing a transformation is hard work.  It's tedious, difficult, monotonous and just plain hard!  You should be able to feel comfortable with a coach/trainer.  I speak with each and every client on a daily basis to ensure you're getting the MOST out of the LEAST.  A quality working relationship between the coach and client is key to success!

If you have any questions for me or are interested in becoming the best YOU with the help of a Certified Weight Loss Specialist, please do not hesitate to ask! 


I am VERY PROUD of each and every member of Team Upton who has reached their goals and surpassed their all time bests with me!




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