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Personal Training Sessions


***Session prices will range based on availability and packages purchased***

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I started with myself and branched out to multiple clients over the years!  And now I'm opening my services up to the masses!  I've trained at 330lbs, at 156lbs and everywhere in between!  Training is obviously a very important aspect of overall health and fitness.  But if you're looking to get the BEST physique possible, just strolling into a gym and performing mind numbing hours of cardio and doing a few bicep curls aren't going to cut it! 

Let me help you with motivation, discipline and SUCCESS!  With my knowledge and passion for training, I can show you the proper execution of exercises, form, function and safety all while instilling you with what it takes to be a champ!  Learn from the best!  Remember, "CERTIFIED" DOESN'T MEAN "QUALIFIED".  Anyone can take an online test and claim they are a Certified Personal Trainer.  If your trainer isn't walking the walk, chances are, he could care less if you are either!


Base Price of Session: $50*

Package deals and Specials always available!  Make sure to contact me prior to purchase to make sure you're getting the BEST deal! 

*Team Upton Member's Price.  Please mention LEO for Civil Service discounts on normal pricing.

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