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My Transformation from FAT to FIT!


Many people have asked for customized diet and nutrition plans as well as fitness and exercise plans.  These take time, planning and a lot of consideration, as each person is different.  For example, anyone can suggest you eat chicken breast and broccoli everyday to lose weight.  But, that's not practical nor is it beneficial for EVERY person to diet this way.  My customized diet plans are specifically tailored to YOU, depending on your stats and goals.  The average turn around time for a customized diet and information is up to 14 days.



*Please Note*  12-16 week Pre Contest Bodybuilding, Physique, Bikini, Fitness and Figure competitor plans available!  These include weekly check-in's, measurements, evolving diet and training plans.  This option is not available for purchase via internet because I need to speak personally with each prospective client before beginning a fully customized program.  Please contact me for more information! 

(8-16 week packages also available for non-competitors.  These include everything you need for maximal results covering fitness training, diet and nutrition, cardio and supplementation.  Prices are extremely competitive, starting at $600. 

I am ALWAYS available for every client.  I'm not like other online coaches who have a "one email per week" policy.  I return all emails on the day they're received, and typically within the hour.  Each client also has my cell phone number and is encouraged to text any time they need.  I understand the need to have a coach who is always there to answer a question and offer guidance!  It absolutely makes the program a lot easier to follow for every client!

Take the prep work and guessing out of the equation and focus on real life results!  I understand not everyone is a hardcore bodybuilder or fitness competitor.  It's not feasible for every single person to eat on a strict and rigid program every single day.  Nor is it possible for people to spend hours on a treadmill or in a gym.  So often people have the drive and determination, but fail to reach their goals because they become bogged down in the preperation it takes to begin a proper diet or exercise plan.  You might be ready for a change but you may not have the experience or knowledge to really ensure you're not wasting your efforts.  This is where having a certified specialist becomes key for optimal results!  I work around YOUR schedule, YOUR personal traits and stats and YOUR abilities to design a program based on YOUR goals. 

Do you have a membership to a commercial gym or do you have a home/apartment gym?  Do you want to learn how to train at home using minimal equipment and everyday household items?  We can work together to create the best YOU, no matter what your lifestyle may be.  Remember, "cookie cutter" diets and programs are not guaranteed to work!  What works for one person may not work for another.  That's why it's imperative you work with someone who can base a plan around your specific needs and goals.  "One Size Fits All" generic programming is definitely NOT the way to go when you're wanting to maximize results!

***Law Enforcement and Civil Service Discounts Available***

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Initial Assessment and Questionnaire

Don't fall victim to the countless number of scammers out there!  If your "coach" is developing a plan for you and doesn't ask several key questions, you know you're not getting the most optimal help!  I will also ask follow up questions after receiving your completed health form to ensure you're getting the best I can give.  The more I know, the better I can help.  This way I can be certain you're receiving the best plan custom built around your goals, abilities and life circumstances!

Fully Customized Nutrition Program

Learn how to fuel your body properly with a personalized diet based off of your personal assessment.  These are not cookie cutter programs and you will not find any of my client's diets matching!  Easy to follow nutrition guidelines are based around your personal schedule and lifestyle and come with a complete meal plan.  *Note-depending on the package you choose, nutrition programs may be altered weekly or even daily to ensure maximal results.  Programs are for post weight loss surgery and non-WLS people looking to positively alter their physiques. 

Full Supplement Guide

Supplements are only one facet of a transformation, but a majority of people mistakenly rely on them to try and make up for a poor diet or training regimen!  Learn what supplements work for YOU and how you can benefit from today's top vitamins and supplements.  The full guide will cover all necessary information on what to use, how to use it and at what doses and time of day depending on your assessment.  When used properly, supplements can be the difference that takes your physique to the next level!

Comprehensive Exercise Protocol

Remember, you can't outwork a diet!  However, spending hours in the gym and not getting results also won't cut it!  You should be following an exercise program that allows you to get the MOST out of the LEAST!  If you're not exercising properly or not reaching optimal levels of hypertrophy in each workout, you're not producing results to your own potential!  Take the guesswork out of what to do in the gym.  Just read and follow the day's workout!

Guidance, Accountability and Motivation

We've all been there!  Sometimes all we need is a quick text or call to remind us we CAN succeed!  You might be thinking, "this isn't on the plan, but I really want to eat it!  What will happen if I do?"  Or, "this exercise looks cool, I wonder if I would benefit from doing it?"  Any and all questions are answered personally, by ME, your Certified Weight Loss Specialist!  My clients know they can always reach me with any questions or issues that arise during their prep.  Dieting is hard enough, you should have someone in your corner at all times to guide you along and make sure you're getting the best results possible!

[Again, please note the Custom Prep Packages are different than the Nutrition, Fitness and Combo plans available online.  Prep Packages come in 8, 12, and 16 week programs with evolving protocols throughout. If you are interested in a full time Certified Weight Loss Specialist in your corner to help with each move you make, please contact me.  If you are wondering where and how to begin initially, a basic Nutrition, Fitness or Combo plan with 30 days of unlimited communication may beneift you.]